Deck balusters

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Deck balusters are a functional element of the deck design and besides protecting from falling they have a decorative function. They add a lot to the exterior design and when you want to restore your deck railings or install new ones, you have to choose from many options. The balusters are small bars in the form of small columns or bars (spindles) and are used to create barriers for stairs, balconies, terraces, decks and sometimes even roof decks. We shall look at the different materials, styles and types of deck balusters, their visual appeal and how thy will add to the overall exterior design of your home.

Deck balusters – how to choose the material?

Deck balusters can be manufactured from many materials – wood, stone, metal, concrete, gypsum, glass, polyurethane, wrought iron, and often the balusters are richly decorated. Balusters have always been an important decoration of the handrails for the porch, balconies and staircases. Balusters add strength to the railings and protect people from injuries. Balusters can have different shapes, and significantly add to the appearance of the home. Depending on the architectural style and the stylistic characteristics you should choose your deck balusters to complement the look and style of your house.

Wooden deck balusters are made from different types of wood – oak, beech, birch, pine, etc. – and often are carved and decorated with intricate patterns. Depending on the type of wood used for manufacturing the balusters, they will have a different price tag. For example, pine deck balusters will be cheaper than oak or beech balusters. Solid wood balusters are a unique decorative element adding a lot of style and charm to the exterior. The main advantage of wood balusters is their environmental friendliness. Modern wooden deck balusters quite organically fit into any style and can be a significant element of the exterior decor. They combine well with different materials used for finishing outdoor stairs and decks. A drawback of wooden deck balusters is that they require a regular maintenance to retain their appearance. You have to apply a protective coat of sealant which will prevent damages from rain, snow, hail or hot temperatures. The price of wooden deck railing will depend on several factors:

  • What type of wood is used for the manufacturing of the baluster. The most expensive are considered balusters made of oak and beech, and pine products on the other hand, are sold at relatively low prices.
  • The manufacturing process – handmade deck balusters are much more expensive that machine made ones.
  • The ornamental design – wooden balusters with many complex elements and rich decorations are much more expensive than ordinary products.